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The IEC Apprenticeship Training curriculum is...

A comprehensive four-year program that is reviewed and upgraded annually by the IEC National Apprenticeship and Training Committee.
 Approved nationally by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) by the State Apprenticeship & Training Program
 Offered in Montana in Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, and Kalipell.
 Offered by most of our chapters throughout the country allowing transferable credits.
 The BEST training available to "independent" apprentices in Montana!
 Taught by highly-committed and knowledgeable instructors.How you can become a top journeyperson...

Encourage your employer to join Montana IEC if they are not already a member.
Tell your employer you prefer an IEC training program.
Call the Montana IEC to learn who our member contractors are if you are looking for a top notch employer.
Speak with our current and former students and hear for yourself about our quality program.Apprenticeship Schools

Billings IEC Apprenticeship School
Billings, MT
Contact: Eric Blomquist- ericb@actionelectric.com

Big Sky IEC Apprenticeship School
Bozeman, MT
Contact: Kendra Casebolt - 406-595-5902


Treasure State IEC
Great Falls, MT
Contact: Janice Couch- janice.couch@libertyeectricinc.com