Second Year Student Course

Orientation Safety and Math Review
DC Generators
Trigonometry, Vector Math and Hazcom
DC Motors
Introduction to AC Electricity
3 Phase Alternators
Inductance in AC Circuits
3 Phase Motors
Resistive-Inductive Circuits
Single Phase Motors
Series and Parallel Resistive-Capactive Circuits
Troubleshooting Motor Winding and Components
Resistive - Inductive - Capacitive Series & Parallel
Control Circuits Conductors, Components & Connection
Three Phase AC
General Wiring, Conduit and Box Sizing
Single Phase Transformers
Outlets, Lighting, Appliances and Heating
Three Phase Transformers
Services and Feeder Calculations
Installing Transformers and Transformer Vaults
Grounding, Bonding and Overcurrent Protection
Transformer Sizing and Protection
Hazardous Locations and Motor Circuit Winding
Secondary Ties, Transformer Windings
Health Care Facilities and Emergency Systems
Measuring Instruments
Industrial and Commercial Wiring
Special Applications Wiring



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