First Year Student Course
Orientation, The Independent Way, Hazcom, Safety
Living Room/Study Circuits, Series/Parallel Circuits
Hand Tools, Math & Reading Evaluations
Laundry Outlets, Proportional Values
General Info: Electrical installations, Intro to Electricity, Whole Numbers, Fractions
Garage Circuits, Kirchoff's Laws
Electrical Symbols, Outlets, Circuit Theory, Decimal Fractions
Rec. Rooms and Workshops, Thevenin's Theorem
Water Pumps and Heaters, Current Sources, Superposition
Lighting and Appliance Circuits; Static Electricity, Percents, Averages
Kitchen Outlets
Conductor Sizes and Types, Wiring Basic Circuits, Powers and Roots
Special Purpose Outlets
Heating Systems Switch Control, Receptacle Bonding, etc., Magnetism, Measures
Low Voltage Systems
Ground Fault Protection, Resistors, Ratio & Proportion
Lamp Identification, Low Voltage Lighting
Fire Alarm and Security Systems Lighting Fixtures, OHMS Law-Series Circuits, Formulas
Remote Control Systems, Knots and Rigging
Bedroom Lighting, Parallel Circuits
Pipe Bending Lighting Branch Circuits, Using Fractions in Current Dividers
Service Entrance Equipment
Entryway Lighting, Trigonometry
Swimming Pools
Kitchen Circuits

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